Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Covercraft Introduces Covers For Causes

August, 2012
“Covers for Causes” introduced by Covercraft
It goes without saying that women have a tremendous impact on the automotive industry, purchasing over half of the new cars sold in the U.S. and influencing 80 percent of all family car-buying decisions (forbes.com). Women also play key roles in our automotive industry, with positions in management, design, sales and the aftermarket, along with ownership of repair and parts facilities and dealerships. As our way of acknowledging women in the automotive industry, and indeed everywhere, Covercraft is launching the “Covers for Causes” program in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.  We will contribute a percentage of our profits from the sales of these products to breast cancer research programs.
Marty Lichtmann, President of Covercraft, announced the new program by saying, “Almost everyone I know has been touched by cancer, or knows of someone who has had to battle this horrific disease.  Research has made great strides, but needs much more support in the effort to find a cure.”
The program includes a special pink version of the popular NOAH® car cover fabric made by Kimberly-Clark and a pink version of the UVS100™Windshield Heat Shield.  Both products are custom patterned and feature a silk-screened “Covers for Causes” logo.
For more information contact Covercraft Industries
800-4-COVERS (426-8377)
Covercraft was founded in 1965 and is an industry leader in automotive softgoods.  In addition to being the world’s largest manufacturer of custom vehicle covers they also offer front end covers (bras), dash board covers, floor mats, seat covers, powersports covers and cargo management products.  The company is located at 100 Enterprise Blvd., Pauls Valley, OK

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Friday, August 10, 2012

2012 Rocky Mountain Diesel Shootout

From the good people at DIESEL MOTORSPORTS:

Dear Diesel Enthusiast,

Please join us at our event. We have many different activities at the Rocky Mountain Diesel Shootout at the Rocky Mountain Raceway! Many Vendors will be there with their diesel performance products including Industrial Injection, H&S Performance, Alligator Performance.com, Little Power Shop, Flo-Pro, Vulcan Performance, Fuelab, Champion Oil, FASS, and many more!

Ken Garff RAM the local dealership will be there with NEW diesel trucks for all to test drive along with a drawing to ride down the track in the H&S Performance drag truck! Saturday you can ride down the Pull track in Industrial Injection's Hanson truck when you register with Dodge.

Come and join us for a fun weekend with all activities in one location - drag racing, sled pulling, dyno, Show-n-Shine, Seminars, Vendor Alley at RMR!

Bring your family and enjoy the diesel truck lifestyle!

Ron Knoch
DIESEL Motorsports

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Covercraft, Kimberly-Clark and The Petersen Automotive Museum

So what about car covers?
The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles needed to know, and Covercraft and Kimberly-Clark had the answers. 

By Matt Stone 

Photography by Evan Klein

Petersen Automotive Museum Collection Manager Tom Kenney has an enviable job.  He spends his days surrounded by hundreds of fabulous classic cars.  He gets to fettle and fiddle with them.  He drives them, and takes them to the world’s most significant car shows and concours, representing the Museum.  But with all the car geek joy comes a bucket full of challenges.  How to store and protect them?  The constant battle with dead batteries, spoiled fuel, leaking transmissions, and flat tires.  Managing vehicle storage is a never-ending job.  While the museum does have some enclosed basement space, some vehicles are stored outdoors in covered parking areas, and Kenney and the museum’s curatorial staff are constantly moving cars about the property, in and out of exhibits, and to and from shows, photo shoots, and to suit all sorts of other needs. 

          You might think that cars stored in an enclosed environment, or beneath a covered parking structure, wouldn’t require much more than a dust sheet, big piece of flannel, or maybe just a huge piece of clear plastic to keep them nice and shiny, right?

          So wrong.

According to Kenney: “In our outer perimeter storage areas, where the environment is less than pristine, we use covers to keep dust, greasy air, and particulate matter (from exhausts and general environmental fallout) from settling on the finishes. In the past, we’ve relied on the softness of a typical flannel cover, but found that flannel covers allow very fine dust particles to pass through the cover and on to the car. After several weeks, the car gets dirty under the cover, so when you remove it, you’re actually pulling a very fine, abrasive layer of dust across the car. Some of our cars sit for months, so the accumulated dirt becomes a serious issue.  Also, it’s not just the paint that gets soiled, but the chrome and other plated parts begin to “bloom” because of the contaminants in the environment.

We also use car covers at car shows/concours, as more show organizers are requesting that participating vehicles be placed on the show field the day before the show. Again, contaminants from the air, trees, birds, etc., can affect our car, and overnight moisture from the ground causes other issues with the car’s cosmetics. A good cover minimizes the risk of damage.”

          Some of the museum’s cars already had covers, of varying age, quality, condition, and protective effectiveness.  Not good enough, so the Petersen hooked up with Covercraft, reputedly the world’s largest purveyor of custom fit car covers.  Given Kenney’s summary of the museum’s needs outlined above, the museum and Covercraft chose a Kimberly-Clark synthetic fabric named DUSTOP.  DUSTOP’s 4-layer non-woven construction is specifically designed to assure any car it covers will be as clean when it is uncovered as it was when rotated into storage; it was developed to afford at least double the dust and dirt protection of single layer flannel or cotton covers.   DUSTOP’s outer layer is tough, yet still relatively soft, and underneath it are breathable layers of material designed to keep out dust, dirt, and airborne chemical fallout.  Underneath all this is a super soft fabric, that is like the softest flannel pillowcase you’ve ever rested your head on, to nuzzle and protect the car’s paint and plated surfaces.  DUSTOP’s four layers combine to create a bit of a cush, helping resist minor dings and dents as museum staff and equipment circulates around the covered cars. 

          You might think this multi-layer protection is a dose of overkill, but not so. Take, for example, the Petersen’s one-off Jonckheere-bodied 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Aerodynamic Coupe.  The car is positively huge, and painted all black, far and away the most difficult color to care for and keep pristine.  And this massive Roller just drips with chrome and other plated metals, also a challenge to keep perfect under the conditions Kenney mentions above.  This famous “round door Rolls” is a legitimate player for best of show in any show in which it’s entered, and bloomed or spidered chrome or plated surfaces would kill its chances, instantly.

The Petersen’s new covers are spiffy too, silkscreened with a variety of sponsor logos, and the year, make and model of each car so the underlying machine can easily be identified by museum staff down in the warehouse, and so the covers don’t get mixed up from car to car.  Covercraft has tens of thousands of cover patterns already in house, but given that so many of the Petersen’s cars are specialized one offs or customs, it took a crew of Covercraft technicians several days to measure and template the museum’s inventory. 

          The project has so far involved the custom construction of 135 covers, and in as much as Covercraft and Kimberly-Clark wanted to take a sponsorship role with the Museum, the companies donated the entire deal at no cost.  Are they working?  According to Kenney, yes: “We’ve been using the new Covercraft covers for a few months now and have noticed that the covered cars are remaining much cleaner and our plating is maintaining its finish.”  “Working with the Petersen Automotive Museum has been a great experience,” says Jay Baxter, Business Development Manager for Kimberly-Clark Professional Protective Fabrics. “We’re proud that our DUSTOP fabric was chosen to protect these classic cars and the automotive passion they represent. We want visitors to the museum to know they too can get the same level of protection for their vehicles, new or old.”

Keeping a car covered when its outside is just as important, and sometimes even more critical.  An equal goal in keeping a car clean when its parked outside is keeping it safe from the sun and corrosive fallout, from birds, acid rain, surplus fuel dumped from aircraft, tree sap and the like.  The answer is relatively simple: When your car’s outside and going to be parked for more than a few minutes, cover it up (as long as its clean).  Especially if it sits outside all day while you’re at work.  The sun’s UV rays begin eating your car’s paint, and are drying out and aging rubber trim, tires, and upholstery the minute the car isn’t in your garage or under a cover, no matter how much wax or trim/leather/vinyl protectant you apply.  DUSTOP is designed primarily for indoor cover usage, but Kimberly-Clark has developed its EVOLUTION fabric for overall use, and water resistant NOAH is calibrated for outdoor protection and particularly long term storage. 

          Whatever you do, don’t use tightly wrapped clear plastic sheeting or a tarp.  These materials don’t breathe, but will trap moisture underneath and can ruin your paint in a heartbeat.  You can’t drive your car around under a cover, but keeping it waxed, detailed, and under a quality cover when parked will go a long way toward it looking fresh for years to come.

The Petersen Automotive Museum:  www.petersen.org
Covercraft: www.covercraft.com
Kimberly-Clark vehicle cover fabric information: www.block-it.com

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Diesel Motorsports - 2012 East Coast Nationals


FYI: East Coast Nationals

A&A Wholesale Tent

Dragstrip & Pulling track next to each other so they can watch both at the same time!

Crowd in the stands & on both sides of the track

They came in early, sled pits on the left & drag pits on the right

Banners hung on sled track as well as dragstrip plus up front

Sponsor's displays took the North side of the A&A Tent

People of all ages walked the pit area to view the trucks

Dyno was busy all day long!

Drag racing started around 10am

Moody's Flo-Pro S-10 set a NEW World Record at Numidia

Two of the industry's fastest CLEAN Diesels ran at the East Coast Nationals, Moody and Jeff Dean's Duramax Rail ran 8.17

Sponsor's decals on every truck or no payouts!

Hodges took 1st in Modified Pulling

Pulling lasted til 8:30 pm, long day for crew since they got there at 7am to prep tracks and start registration

Fans shopped all day long at vendor's booths

ET Bracket Winner

Quick Diesel Winner

Unlimited Diesel Winner

Press contact:
Ron Knoch
DIESEL Motorsports.US

July 21st
Numidia Dragway, PA

A&A Automotive Diesel East Coast Nationals was a huge success with a large number of competitors and fans watching under beautiful sunny and cool skies. Over 270 trucks competed in sled pulling, drag racing, dyno and Show-n-shine in front of 4,000 fans.

Running from 8am in the morning till about 8:30 pm at night the show was non-stop action all day long with drag racing and sled pulling going at the same time right next to each other!

Your products and companies were displayed by decals, banners, PA Announcements, displays, and sold by vendors at the event.

Event was being shot for television and the Editor of Diesel World magazine was covering the event.

This show in it's 4th year now rates as one of the largest "DIESEL ONLY" shows in the country with rows and rows of diesel trucks coming to visit the lifestyle we help develop!

All ages were in attendenace along with families which lined the fences on both sides of the tracks setting up popups, coolers and grills. We were asked if we could reserve spots for next year's event!

H&S Drag Racing
ET Bracket Racing by Garofalo Enterprises
1st Doug Branens Mount Pocono PA 1939 Rat Rod 0.066 12 12.06 101.57
2nd Josh Saling Newark OH 2002 Dodge 0.111 13.02 13.093 101.87

Qucik Diesel 12.0 Index by New Era Diesel
1st Pete Karas Oakville CT 2006 Dodge 0.028 12 12.074 108.47
2nd Steve Bohatch Gibsonia PA 99 Dodge 0.062 12 12.108 112.28

Unlimited Diesel
1st Philip Price Greencastle PA 94 Dodge 0.265 11.047 103.75

NEW World Record by Wade Moody's Flo-Pro S-10 in the Pro Stock 1/4 mile set at Numidia Dragway, PA - 178.76 mph 7.73 backed with a 7.56 at 181mph!
This beats his old record of 7.94 at 171 mph!

H&S Sled Pulling
Workstock by Rollin Smoke Diesel.com
Drew Bolen Conowingo MD 07 Blue chevy 287.42
Shawn Slaybough Selinsgrove PA 03 White chevy 283.74
Nelson Reift Denver PA 06 Red GMC 281.92
Smoke Christine (Rodney) York PA 06 white Dodge 277.57
Caleb Herman Beavertown PA 02 blue/black Chevy 277.41
Mark Fessler Womelsdorf PA 02 Silver GMC 276.08
Ron Keister New Berlin PA 10 blue/si

David Beers Jr Lehighton PA 04 Black chevy 262.22
Nick stillwagon Connellsville PA 07 Blue chevy 260.97
Dave Hostetter Selinsgrove PA 08 Black Ford 259.21
Garrett Ondo Portersville PA 06 Grey Chevy 258.40
Titus Nolt ephrata pa 07 tan chevy 258.03
Joseph Pacovich Windgap PA 05 Maroon Dodge 256.20
David Cherry Spruce Creek PA 03 Grey Ford 255.63
Bill Houlihan Moscow PA 06 Grey Dodge 252.86
John Mell Hellertown PA 03 Pewter chevy 252.57
Zack Stahler Palmerton PA 04 White Ford 243.25
Greg Henne Jonestown PA 05 Charcoal chevy 243.00
Matt Miller Saylorsburg PA 05 black GMC 236.80
Lee Costenboder Palmerton PA 07 Charcoal Ford 235.83
James Linney Clarks Summit PA 03 Red Ford 235.65
Derrick Shiner Bellefonte PA 08 black Dodge 234.01
Jeremiah Soga Kutztown PA 11 Black Ford 227.12
Will Marks Mifflinburg PA 07 Red chevy 183.14
Ryan Muth Coopersburg, PA 05 Red GMC 94.00
James Mann Palmerton PA 06 Grey Ford 84.17
Robert Santini Phillipsburg NJ 97 Green Dodge 25.14
Jake Foulstick Saylorsburg PA 01 Black Dodge 0.00

SS/Mod Numidia
Shawn Hodges Avella, PA 2005 Black Dodge 311.02
Lamar Burkholder Jonestown, PA 1997 Red Dodge 309.52
Merl Reiff Loysville, PA 1994 Red Dodge 308.37
Andrew Grove New Freedom, PA 1995 Green Dodge 306.78
Jeremy Denson Winchester, VA 1996 Black Dodge 306.46
Wayne Greier Salem, Ohio 97 Black Dodge 303.50
Dave Kratz Hamburg, PA 1997 White Dodge 303.00
Delton Sensening Jonestown, PA 1999 Green Dodge 294.23
Seth Eisenhart New Oxford, PA 2005 White GMC 284.81
Sam Heimback Middleburg, pA 1999White Ford 273.44
James Barder Elizabeth , PA 2000 Blue Ford 252.99
Robert Santini Stewartsville, NJ 2002 Green Chevy 193.78

3.0 Numidia
Billy Deblasio 84 PA 95 black/yellow Dodge 308.69
Lamar Burkholder Jonesville PA 97 Red Dodge 306.00
Jeremy Denson Winchester VA 96 Black Dodge 305.49
Merle Reiff Loysville PA 94 Red Dodge 299.74
Dave Kratz Hamburg PA 97 White Dodge 295.07
Delton Sensenig Jonestown PA 99 Green Dodge 293.78
Andrew Grove New Freedom PA 95 green Dodge 292.31
Todd Ely Palmer MA 96 Red Dodge 285.86
Seth Eisenhart New Oxford PA 05 White GMC 282.29
Dylan Wetzler Bellefonte PA 95 Blue Dodge 257.86
William Shovey Spingmill PA 00 Silver Dodge 256.74
Tom Hassler Bethel PA 99 Green Ford 250.84
Brian Struble Bellefonte PA 00 Black Dodge 249.66
Matt Corl State College PA 06 Silver Dodge 244.76
Robert Santini Stewartsville NJ 02 Green Chevy 203.46
Chris Stasyshyn Washington NJ 95 Blue Dodge 47.81
Troy Rispoli Stroudsburg PA 98 Purple Dodge broke

Tractor Numidia
Art Woolever Montousville, PA Case 930 314.66
Randy Devaughn Gambrills, MD Road Gear 313.45
Jamie Hall Preston, MD IH 1066 305.09
Ryan Hoyt Shicksinny, PA Case 970 277.02

2.6 Numidia
by Second Wind Performance
Corrie Baker Mt Pleasant PA 06 Silver Chevy 334.24
Corey Omps Winchester VA 04 Blue Ford 306.48
Brandon Stern Meyersdale PA 03 Burgandy Dodge 303.72
Jeremy Urey Brogue PA 06 Grey Dodge 300.20
Duane Martin Narvon PA 05 Maroon Dodge 298.63
Michael Garofalo Clarks Summit PA 97 Silver/White Dodge 292.82
Jesse Warren Guysmill, PA 2003 White Ford 289.43
Rich stanley Saunderstown RI 01 White Chevy 289.28
William shovey springmills PA 00 Silver Dodge 286.90
Jim Varner Blairsmills PA 05 Silver Chevy 282.90
Mark Andrews Leetown WV 05 Blue Dodge 282.72
Jeffrey Doui Corinth ME 04 Red Dodge 280.97
Dylan Wetzler Bellefonte PA 09 Black Dodge 280.27
Peter Brodeur Yaphank NY 07 Silver GMC 279.59
Richard Martin New Holland PA 06 Red GMC 272.41
Jeff Gehman Bowmansville PA 06 Silver GMC 268.60
Andy Garrett Landerburg PA 04 Maroon Ford 262.54
Matt Corl State College PA 06 Silver Dodge 257.39
Chad Lemaster Hedgesville WV 96 Red Dodge 256.70
Kyle Gepfer Manchester PA 06 Red Dodge 249.81
David Cherry Spruce Creek PA 03 Grey Ford 218.39
Bruce Mott Groton NY 98 Black Dodge 208.69
Joel Sensining Newmanstown PA 05 Silver GMC 4.68
John Moll Hellertown PA 03 Pewter Chevy 2.97
Robert Santini Phillipsburg NJ 97 Green Dodge broke

Dyno winner of exact guess for HP
Matt Wertz - 465 HP, 2006 Dodge 2500
Hughesville, PA

Show-N-Shine Winner (s)
Because the judges scored the same for 2 trucks we split the Overall Best of Show to the following:

Matthew Blymire
York, PA
2007 Dodge 2500

Rich Strube
New York
2005 GMC 3500

AUGUST 17/18
Salt Lake City, UT
Rocky Mountain Raceway

Rocky Mountain DIESEL Shootout August 17/18

This event is held in Salt Lake City, UT on August 17/18th at the Rocky Mountain Raceway! This event replaces Weekend on the Edge in August that we have sanctioned and run for three years, we plan to expand the show and hold it in one location - RMR!

Drag Racing will be held Friday night, gates open at 5pm for competitors.
For Saturday: Gates open 9am
Dyno - all day
Vendor Alley All day
Show-N-Shine - 10am
Seminars starting at 10am
Sled Pull 1pm
Vendors can get in at 8am to setup!

Rocky Mountain Raceway
6555 West 2100 South, West Valley City, UT

Hotel for event: Hampton Inn, 2055 South Redwood Rd, Salt Lake City, UT
801-886-0703 ask for raceway discount of $59

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