Friday, December 7, 2012

Product Spotlight - SeatHeater™ Seat Heating Kits

SeatHeater™ - A Solution to Cold Winter Driving

Winter is here and not all of us have the luxury of driving a vehicle with factory equipped heated seats. Well not to worry, because Covercraft has a solution that is affordable and effective. It is called the SeatHeater™ Seat Heating Kit.


This kit can be used when installed directly onto vehicle seats, or with seat covers like Covercraft SeatSaver™ or SeatGloves®.
Each SeatHeater Kit consists of: a pair of seat heater elements for two seats, special envelopes to hold the heating pads, a wiring harness that plugs in to the vehicle accessory power outlet and a power plug with individual on and off heater controls. This truly is a full seat heating system that is ready to install and use in minutes.


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