Thursday, March 14, 2013

2013 Texas Diesel Spring Nationals... Wild weekend in Denton

We went down to the North Star Dragway in Denton, Texas this weekend to hang out with the folks who hosted the Diesel Motorsports: Texas Diesel Spring Nationals.

We got there early for the two day event to witness the procession of trucks arriving from all around the US  to participate in the competitions. We saw everything from daily drivers, to trucks built with one sole purpose in mind, and that's to kick some sled pulling tail. 
There was plenty there for us to gawk at... modified work trucks, racing whips, pimped out rides and of course your extreme truck builds. As we made our rounds at the Show and Shine, we couldn't help but notice the dominance of Ford and Dodge trucks at the event. That is not to say they were the only ones in attendance. GMC and Chevy also made their presence noticed, along with a few rarities. 

Of course nice tires, lights and 
paint jobs won't help you win races so to help out with peaking at whats under the hoods before we lined them up, Dave's Diesel from Angola In. was there providing Dyno readings for those who were not afraid of letting others know just how much power they were working with. 

The day started out cloudy and misty which made for delays on the first event of the day. But thanks to the hard work from the North Star Dragway crew and the folks from Diesel Motorsports, we were able to proceed with the races as scheduled. The lights came on and the flags went up and the drivers couldn't wait to hit the track.

For the fans who were less interested in speed and more interested in RAW POWER, there was a late night Sled Pulling competition that took place Friday night. These power packed diesel trucks showed they are ready for action rain or shine, day or night. It doesn't take a gear head to really appreciate the ingenuity and hard work that goes into building these work horses into lean mean pulling machines. 

We've got more pictures and video of event highlights that will be coming out soon so stay tuned. In the mean time be sure to check out Motorz TV  for tips on how to get an edge on the competition.

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