Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIESEL Motorsports Endorsed Product Sponsors for 2013

I know its only January but this year is already shaping up to be EPIC!

And to help get us there,

are teaming back up this year to bring you exactly what you've come to expect... 
The best.

A short history :
       The National Association of DIESEL Motorsports was formed in Oct of 2007 and has since embedded its name into all activities surrounding diesel engines in a performance setting. If diesel performance is your cup of tea, then you don't want to miss these beasts and their display of raw power.

If you've haven't seen these machines in action, here is a short clip of what you've been missing....
       According to their web site, DIESEL Motorsports held over 60 events last year in every section of the country throughout the year featuring over 5 classes in drag racing and sled pulling.

     "DIESEL Motorsports is proud to represent some of the finest companies in the industry to our diesel enthusiasts and fans. Sponsors are chosen by the popularity of their use by the diesel marketplace and competitors. Endorsed product sponsors are tested by competitors or officials of DIESEL Motorsports for their quality and precision during operation of a truck. Not all products are chosen so be assured the ones listed carry a badge of high standards set forth by the association."

        And that is were we come in... Ask anyone at DIESEL Motorsports what seat savers you should trust, no doubt they will say the SeatSavers™ line from Covercraft is the best.

SeatSaver Seat Covers

        Constructed of durable polyester fabric with a DWR (durable water repellency) 

                               • Easy-on/easy-off
                               • Clean in a home washer/dryer

                               • Breathable fabric for travel comfort
                               • Custom tailored fit
                               • Choose from 5 Camo Print colors 

Conceal Brown (CB)Conceal Green (CG)Flooded Timber (FT)3D Image (XD)Pink Camo (PK)
Conceal Brown (CB)Conceal Green (CG)Flooded Timber (FT)3D Image (XD)Pink Camo (PK)

Or choose from 7 interior-complementing colors...

Charcoal Black (CH)Gray (GY)Misty Gray (CT)Navy Blue (BL)
Charcoal Black (CH)Gray (GY)Misty Gray (CT)Navy Blue (BL)
Tan (TN)Taupe (TP)Wet Sand (SA)
Tan (TN)Taupe (TP)Wet Sand (SA)

DIESEL Motorsports will be releasing the 2013 season schedule and event sponsors next week so stay tuned! 

If you would like more information about this or any of our fine Covercraft products just click on over to for more information.

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