Friday, January 4, 2013

Product Spotlight -The Carband™

U.S. Patent No. 8,398,132

We all have some kind of insurance. Life, home or auto. But sometimes you want a little extra protection for the things you love most. Carband™ provides car enthusiasts with exactly that. Easily installed and removed, Carband™ hugs your vehicle providing 360° ding/dent protection for use in all parking situations. Leaving you with peace of mind and extra cash in your pocket to purchase that next upgrade instead of a trip to the body shop. 

Tight Fitting and Self Securing, the Carband™ is made from impact-absorbing material that encompasses all sides of the vehicle with a thick, self-securing band.

Carband™ is easily installed by placing one end over the front or rear bumper area and then stretching the other end over the opposite bumper area. Adjust along the sides to assure best protective coverage.

Designed for use in:
  • Private or public garages
  • Airports 
  • Workplace 
  • Public parking lots or anywhere additional protection is wanted.

You can also combine it with one of our existing Covercraft Custom Fit Car Covers for maximum protection.

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