Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Product Spotlight - The Custom Cargo Area Liner™

Lets face it... life can get pretty messy sometimes. Especially for those who struggle with the "No truck-bed blues", you know that the back of your SUV, cross-over or wagon wears many hats depending on what project you're tackling that day. From home improvement projects to a trip to the grocery store. 

Well, in true Covercraft style, We've got you covered

     Introducing the all new Custom Cargo Area Liner  Made from tough, waterproof, urethane-coated polyester fabric that is designed to help you tackle any project by protecting your cargo area and keeping it looking just as good as the day you bought it.

  • Over 225 Custom-Fit patterns
  • Split seat-backs still operate (if equipped)
  • Tie-downs secure to factory D-rings
  • Custom-Fit also include a fold-out bumper
    cover flap for addition protection
  • Tough, waterproof, urethane-coated
    polyester fabric available in four colors
  • Hose off to clean, hang & air dry

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